Belmont Stakes 2020 Predictions

Belmont Stakes 2020: Betting Guide & Predictions

History will be made when the Belmont Stakes is run for the 152nd time on June 20, 2020, but no one knows if it will be the stuff of legends or the footnote variety. The race, which has traditionally capped the Triple Crown, will for the first time be run as the first leg in the historic three-race series consisting of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.
Virtual Kentucky Derby 2020 Betting

Triple Crown winners to square off in virtual showdown for charity

The Kentucky Derby will not be run on Saturday, but the folks at Churchill Downs have come up with an entertaining diversion from the Great Sickness: a virtual horse race pitting the 13 winners of the Triple Crown against one another. The concept of staging a simulated race was actually lifted from the Grand National, a staple of steeplechase racing in England for more than 180 years.