Esports Filling Void in Regular Sport Absence As Viewership and Streaming Figures Surge

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Esports continue to shine in the absence of their real-life counterparts, with reports continuing to flood in regarding the soaring viewership figures attached to online gaming competitions. The coronavirus has led to most major sports being suspended indefinitely in an effort to restrict the spread of the illness, meaning many fans are turning to video games for their competitive fix.

How do you bet on Dota 2 Defence of the Ancients 2?

DotA betting odds: simple rules DotA betting works very similarly to traditional sports betting. The most straight-forward way to bet is betting on the outcome of a Dota 2 game (Defence of the Ancients 2), these bets are presented in either fractional or decimal odds.

What can you bet in DotA lounge?

After a Valve crackdown on DotA 2 lounge you can no longer bet your Steam items on the site. You can bet their virtual currency called “coins” on games but it’s ultimately pointless as you can’t use the currency to buy anything.