Are the Bucks, Warriors, and Lakers all favored to win 2020 NBA Finals?

2020 NBA Finals Betting Highlights

2020 NBA Finals Betting Highlights:

  • What: 2020 NBA Finals Championship
  • Where: Games to be played at home of Eastern Conference and Western Conference champions
  • Dates: June 2020
  • TV: ABC (United States)

2020 NBA Finals Favorites Predictions

William Hill posted the Milwaukee Bucks at the 6-to-1 top choice to win the title in 2020, while 888SportNJ, SugarHouse Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook had the Bucks at 5-to-1 choice atop the futures. FanDuel Sportsbook also lists the Bucks as the favorite at +480. However, over at PlayMGM, oddsmakers believed that the Golden State Warriors would recover from two devastating postseason injuries to a pair of the team’s top players and installed them as the +180 favorite to take the title. FanDuel lists the Dubs as the 6-to-1 co-second choice along with the new champion Toronto Raptors.

A third operator, PointsBet, see the Los Angeles Lakers’ future additions possibly taking them back to the top, listing the 16-time champs as a 4-to-1 favored choice.

Play MGM listed the Bucks as the 4-to-1 second choice, while PointsBet has the Bucks at 5-to-1.

Will Hill and PoinstBet had the Los Angeles Clippers as a 7-to-1 choice, while the champion Raps were 8-to-1 at Will Hill along with the Houston Rockets with the same odds.

Play MGM chose to make the Rockets, Clippers, Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers all at 8-to-1, while PointsBet had the Sixers in a promising position at 8-to-1.

The Raptors, Warriors and Lakers were 7-to-1 at SugarHouse and 888SportNJ, while the Rockets were 8-to-1 at both books. The Lakers were 8-to-1 at FanDuel Sportsbook, fourth in favoritism.

The Lakers and Indiana Pacers were both 10-to-1 at William Hill to win it all. 888SportNJ has the Philadelphia 76ers listed at 10-to-1 to finally regain the title.

Others with reasonable odds considering that free agency and the draft were still to come at William Hill are the ailing the Boston Celtics at 12-to-1, followed by the ailing Warriors, 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder all at 15-1.

Outside contenders according to William Hill were the Denver Nuggets (18-1), Brooklyn Nets (20-1), New York Knicks (22-1), Portland Trailblazers (25-1) and Utah Jazz (30-1).

Betting Odds to win the 2020 NBA Championship (with best odds by sportsbook):

  • Milwaukee Bucks (6-1 at William Hill)
  • Toronto Raptors (9-1 at PointsBet)
  • Houston Rockets (10-1 at PointsBet)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (10-1 at William Hill)
  • Los Angles Clippers (14-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKings/Sportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (15-1 at William Hill)
  • Golden State Warriors (15-1 at William Hill)
  • Boston Celtics (20-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKingsSportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook
  • Denver Nuggets (20-1 at PlayMGM Sportsbook/PointsBet
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (25-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKings Sportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook)
  • Brooklyn Nets (25-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKings Sportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook)
  • New York Knicks (30-1 at PointsBet)
  • Portland Trail Blazers (40-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKings Sportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook)
  • Dallas Mavericks (50-1 at PointsBet
  • Indiana Pacers (66-1 at PointsBet)
  • Utah Jazz (100-1 PoinstBet)
  • San Antonio Spurs (100-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKings Sportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook)
  • Orlando Magic (150-1 at PointsBet)
  • Chicago Bulls (150-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKings Sportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook)
  • Sacramento Kings (150-1 at PointsBet)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (180-1 at FanDuel Sportsbook)
  • Atlanta Hawks (200-1 at PointsBet)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (200-1 at PointsBet)
  • Miami Heat (250-1 at PlayMGM Sportsbook)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (250-1 at SugarHouse Sportsbook/FanDuel Sportsbook)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (250-1 at 888SportNJ/DraftKings Sportsbook/SugarHouse Sportsbook)
  • Charlotte Hornets (300-1 at PlayMGM Sportsbook)
  • Washington Wizards (300-1 at PlayMGM Sportsbook)
  • Detroit Pistons (300-1 at PlayMGM Sportsbook)
  • Phoenix Suns (500-1 at PointsBet)

Photo by Alex Haney


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