2020 Elections – Trump’s Rivals Odds & Betting Predictions

The world is so upside down, so why would we not have the wackiest candidates in history running for the next President of the United States of America. Move over Donald Trump. Here are some of the strangest and hottest names looking to get their name on the ticket this November, and betting odds set by U.S. and British bookmakers. Unfortunately, you cannot bet on elections 2020 in the U.S. as no sportsbooks (even in NJ) accept bets on either Trump or Biden.

Next U.S. President Odds & Betting Predictions

  • Kanye West +5000
  • Snoop Dogg + 10000
  • Oprah Winfrey + 9000
  • Michelle Obama + 8000
  • Andrew Cuomo +15000
  • Mike Pence +6600
  • Joe Biden himself -150

Trump vs. Biden: Betting Odds Clash

Trump’s chances to win 2020 election are decreasing, while Biden’s are going up, according to the betting odds and stats tool odds.watch and Betfair
By the way, Donald Trump has x 10 times more tweets (50k) than Biden has (5k). 
Trump's betting odds and chances elections 2020
Trump’s betting odds and chances elections 2020, according to odds.watch and Betfair
Biden's betting odds and chances elections 2020
Biden’s betting odds and chances elections 2020, according to odds.watch and Betfair

America’s Next President is…. A Rapper – Kanye West Announces Bid for Office

The musical mogul and highly controversial pop-culture figure made a social media announcement saying he was running for President of the United States of America. 

Immediately the promoted photo of him and Tesla tech guru Elon Musk started an avalanche of comments. As Musk stated his backing of the rap star so did spur up the betting sportsbooks offering US election betting. Kanye West 2020 Presidential election odds were quickly summed up to +5,000 over Trump and Biden. And frankly why not?

The world is mad. Maybe Kanye is doing it for attention. Or maybe it is ploy to get voters distracted from Joe Biden. No matter what it makes for some interesting betting on the board. After all Billionaire Elon Musk quickly offered his endorsement, saying, “You have my full support!” Even Mark Cuban got in on the action when he tweeted, “If there was Rank Choice voting available and Kanye West was on the ballot with Joe Biden and Donald Trump, I would have Kanye West ahead of Donald Trump.”

Flair for the dramatic is also being seen in some other possible candidates bound for the White House.

How about Snoop Dogg? 

The legendary rapper is not putting his name on the ticket, but he has endorsed Hillary Clinton in the past. Back in August 2017 him and other sensational singers in the genre openly supported the then frontrunner Clinton. Oh, how times have changed. 

Him and other chart-topping sensations such as Ja Rule and A$AP Rocky all had her back. Never say never in this crazy race. Currently Hillary is betting odds +5000 to come back in the race win. And why not when you have these fun backers. 

And another pop culture icon that for years has had the public begging for a run – Oprah Winfrey. 

The media maven has always declared she would never run. But, hey we all know how that sentiment goes. Who would of thought nearly four years ago the world would be such a mess last time she was asked the question? She would have a strong voter base if she did become a candidate. Oh, and would certainly give Kanye a run for his self-proclaimed billionaire money. Odds are not officially out for betting on this, but if next week she makes a declaration for sure you would see her as a winning bet through and through. 

While on topic don’t overlook a surprise run by former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Rumor in some political circles proclaims Joe Biden will take her on as running mate while other Americans are begging her to take over the ticket. Since moving out of the office with her husband her approval numbers have never been higher. A scrumptious ticker of her approval rate went up after a successful book tour of her biography this last year that had the backing of every celebrity under the moon. If America loves her as First Lady there is no doubt she would have a chance to win the big Oval Office. Her current standing bets come in at +8000.

As more Americans are going back into pandemic lockdowns it is giving time to be more reflective of candidates. Trump sponsors ingesting bleach as a remedy to COVID-19 and his betting odds still rank +135. Maybe the country is reflecting over too many bottles of wine in quarantine. Only time will tell.

Cuomo, Pence and Biden Odds

Other interesting betting odds include Andrew Cuomo at +15000, Mike Pence bumping out Trump all together with +6600, and Joe Biden himself at -150.

Good luck at the betting table. 


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