2019 Women’s World Cup Finals Electrify Bets

Women's World Cup: Betting Odds

The 2019 Women’s World Cup Finals are Sunday July 7 at 11 a.m. EST.

The games have been full of tumultuous controversies and playful jabs that have made the fans of the two final teams ready to battle it out this weekend. The United States will take on the Netherlands at Stade de Lyon.

The USA is a three-time World Cup champion, while the Dutch are on a 12-match international winning streak and took home the 2017 Euros.

There has not been a more thrilling match-up in the Women’s Cup in years and it is creating betting sportbooks to light up on several platforms.

Overall, the easy favorite is looking to be Team USA with a -275, while the Dutch are +765. The over-under for goals scored is 2.5 according to the latest standing team odds. A draw in regulation is taking in at +385.

Team USA is leading the odds and they have also been helming the news headlines for loudly speaking up about several subject matters off the field.

First, controversy rose when the entire team made explicit comments to the press that if they win the World Cup they have zero interest in visiting the White House to speak to President Trump.

Player Ali Krieger Tweeted she would not visit the Republican leader if invited, “I don’t support this administration…”

In addition, U.S. captain Megan Rapinoe said women soccer players are not respected equally by their sport’s international governing body. She spoke up after prize monies for female players versus their male counterparts when they were published for the world to see recently.

Players were outraged even despite FIFA president Gianni Infantino says the organization will invest $1 billion in the women’s game over the next four years and double prize money at the Women’s World Cup in 2023.

“It certainly is not fair,” Rapinoe said to media. “We should double it now and use that number to double it or quadruple it for the next time. That’s what I mean when we talk about, ‘Do we feel respected?'”

The fight to the finish will bring about more than just goals on the field after this World Cup.


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